Classroom Applications
Standard 7 World Languages Novice Mid

Strand: Interpersonal

Essential Questions

Enduring Understandings

How do I start, carry on, and end a conversation more effectively?

To have a natural conversation I have to do more than just ask and answer questions. I have to listen to what the speaker is saying to me and respond appropriately.

Cumulative Progress Indicator (CPI)

Content Statement
Exchange basic information at the word and memorized phrase level related to self and targeted themes using digital tools.

Instructional Guidance
To assist in meeting this CPI, students may:
  • Watch a clip of native speakers, and their greetings.
  • Using a word wall, create greetings to exchange with others in the room.
  • Create a movie that utilizes greetings in the target language with grammatical accuracy.

Sample Assessments
To show evidence of meeting this CPI, students may;
  • Creat their own clip via Voki or Xtranormal to demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary.

Resources (electronic/non-electronic print or non-print)

  • YouTube Clip

Wordle: Italiano I Saluti!