From Cheri Quinlan, Coordinator of World Languages, International Education, and Gifted and Talented, New Jersey Department of Education

Next steps…

1. One of your responsibilities will be to turnkey what you have learned during this week-long institute in your district or in another venue. Here are some things to consider when planning your turnkey sessions:

You may want to set up a PLC (Professional Learning Community). This way, teachers in your district will have the opportunity to put into practice the applications you share with them. You could spend a short period of time showing teachers one application. Give them some time to practice and collaborate right after you demonstrate the application. After a week or two, bring teachers back together to share how they have applied the application in the classroom. Encourage participants share their work using Google documents or by posting on a wikispace.

Here is a link with great resources related to PLC: You may want to view the Power Point presentations by Stephen Barkley and Douglas Reeves. There are also several webinars that you may want to access.

Prior to turnkeying the material, consider the students’ perspective. Share your applications with them and ask them for feedback. Consider bringing a student or a group of students with you when you work with teachers.

2. Make sure that all documents are accessible for all visitors to the wiki! We want to share your GREAT work.

3. The newly adopted standards in all content areas focus on collaborative learning and on integrating international perspectives. In world languages, we can do this by connecting with a target language classroom and beginning a two-way cyberspace relationship. To facilitate with this task you will be receiving a FREE webcam at the end of the World Languages Technology Institute. To get started you will want to download Skype. Please keep a log of the connections you make and the types of activities that you design as you continue to communicate with your cyber pals in target language classrooms. Please share the log with me.