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Andre T. Baldasserini
Patricia Beckford
Mara Bok
Marilyn R. Cahill
Suzanne Clark
Mary Ellen Davies
Aracely DiGirolamo
Guy Dippolito
Stefanie Gigante
Justine Giusto
Jennifer Hu
Michelle Kush
Ila Lewis
Shannon Lorenzo
Laura McGovern
Neelam Mishra
Gyselle North
Jackie Peters
Dana M. Pilla
Frances Quintanilla
Doris Ramírez
Liz Rodríguez
Sarah Dalton Rota
Anna Lisa Russo
Elizabeth Sanabria
Dora Shoturma
Susan Abernethy Strauss
Katherine Stotler
Sharon Trotta
Serge Wessels

Cindy Demo

Facilitators (returning 2008 Institute Participants who serve in a support role):
Teresita Eldredge
Sharilyn Kyle
photo by NomadicEntrepreneur, placed on this page under a Creative Commons license.

2008 World Language Tech Institute Participants